Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
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Audio Tapes and CD's

Finding the Love of Your Life $15.95  
Finding the Love of Your Life

This two-CD recording is a lively and informative seminar given by Phyllis Light to help you find that special love in your life. In the seminar, Phyllis  clearly points out what you need to do to experience maximum love and joy in your own life–whether you are in a relationship or not! And, her profound words of wisdom will help prepare you for that special someone, when the timing is right. 

Learn what it takes to make your relationship dreams come true—and what it takes to keep your current relationship loving and lasting, if you've already found that special someone. This seminar enhances and elaborates on the concepts found in her book, Prince Charming Lives!  It is a great adjunct to the book and to your process of opening yourself to more love and finding your ideal relationship partner.

Living Safely in our High-Tech World $5.00  
Living Safely in our High-Tech World

Phyllis discusses her research into the human psyche and energy field and the problems people face. She explains how Rejuvenizers® can help solve these problems, including those caused by the negative energy fields prevalent in our high-tech world - from high power lines, computers, radio, TV, & microwave frequencies, cell phones, and more.


Phyllis Light's Telepathic Healing $5.00  
Phyllis Light's Telepathic Healing

This single cassette tape explains how Phyllis Light's Telepathic Healing works. In this tape, Phyllis gives you the opportunity to both hear about her work and experience her energy, in order to determine if her work may be right for you at this time. Phyllis talks about her path becoming a healer and what you can expect from working with her in private sessions.


Phyllis Light's Whole Life Expo Presentation $9.95  
Phyllis Light's Whole Life Expo Presentation

This single tape was recorded at the Baltimore Whole Life Expo in March 1998. It contains updated information to supplement that given in the tape, "Understanding Energy and Its Effects on Your Relationships." It also contains a very special healing energy, based on Phyllis Light's consciousness at the time.


"There are some nights when I can't fall asleep easily because of Chronic Myofascial Pain—from a few major trigger points.  This being one of those nights, I decided to listen the your tape.  When it came to the last part of the tape—with the energy to heal damage done to your energy field by others—I felt something right away as it was starting.  My muscles were restless/antsy & I had to stretch & move around.  As it came to an end and afterwards, I felt lighter, with a surge of energy, pure joy and child-like exhilaration that I have not had in a long time (I'm almost 24)."
—J.S., Ontario, Canada


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