Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
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Business Energy Elevation Process

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The "Business Energy Elevation Process" is a system of subtle energy clearing to improve and uplift work and residential spaces. When a space is energetically cleared it is more comfortable to be in. The Business Energy Elevation Process addresses this by not only neutralizing but also reducing and eliminating negative energies that are detrimental to business and workplace success. This approach goes beyond "Feng Shui," because it addresses energetic problems posed by our use and need for technology, via computers, cell phones, satellites, security systems, and all other aspects of telecommunications.

This is done by using a three-element approach:

  1. Reducing workplace techno-stress.
  2. Reducing and eliminating negative residual energies from participants in the business.
  3. Cleaning up the collective consciousness of the business.

The most significant benefit of our services is the reduction of stress and negativity within your work place. This translates into less fatigue, more energy, improved concentration, increased productivity, and a more positive work experience. The bottom-line: increased profitability for your company.

The Following Elements Are Used in Our System of Clearing:

The first element is designed to reduce the negative impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) with unique devices, called Rejuvenizers®.

EMFs are generated by indoor electrical wiring lining the walls around us, electronic equipment (e.g. computers, printers, copiers, fax machines), cell phones, and even microwave ovens. Other sources of disturbance include television and radio waves transmitted from overhead satellites, cell phone and microwave tower transmissions, and the latest addition to this toxic "soup," the ever expanding wireless internet (WIFI).

Scientific research has shown that EMFs negatively impact our physical health by raising the level of certain stress-inducing hormones and chemicals, resulting in our eventual immune system dysfunction or complete failure.

The second element involves clearing residual negativity that is adversely affecting a space. This has a draining effect on both employees and customers at an unconscious level. Negative energy is often left behind by:

  • Disgruntled employees
  • Agitated workers who constructed the building or initially set up the space
  • Businesses that previously occupied the current workspace
  • Emotional interactions or disturbances between people that took place within the space.

This type of negative energy coagulates and forms "pockets" of negativity that stay in the environment, even though those people or situations may be long gone. These pockets of negativity adversely affect all those who pass through or work within them, and can cause ongoing depression, discomfort, or agitation.

The third element of the Business Energy Elevation Process involves clearing the "collective consciousness" of the business. The collective consciousness is composed of all the collective thoughts, feelings, and energies of everyone who has ever participated in the business, at any level.

Over time, all businesses get clogged with the collective negative feelings people have at work-anger, frustration, unhappiness, blame, etc. These feelings continually flow into the business consciousness — from owners, managers, employees, and customers — and make it increasingly difficult for the business to be successful and sustain a life-supporting, enjoyable atmosphere for all involved.

Clearing the consciousness of the business will open doors to greater success, achievement of company goals and a more peaceful, harmonious work environment.

Call or email us now to schedule a free consultation on how the Business Energy Elevation Process can work for your business or residence. Contact Dr. Phyllis Light, Ph.D at either 512/301-2999 or via email

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