Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
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Communications Breakthrough System


Commucations Breakthrough System
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The Communications Breakthrough System is an incredible life-long tool that empowers you to effectively work on yourself and deeply clear your negative subconscious issues. This will allow you to feel happier and more fulfilled – both within yourself and your relationships, as well as experience greater success in every aspect of your life. In addition, The Communications Breakthrough System is an invaluable tool to help you get more in touch with who you really are, as a powerful, spiritual being of light and love.

The Communications Breakthrough System is designed to help you release those deeply rooted negative subconscious programs that keep you from being your true Self. It will allow you to communicate with deeper parts of yourself, in order to experience greater wholeness, peace, and satisfaction deep within. The more you use the Communications Breakthrough System, the more you will free yourself of your unwanted subconscious programming, and the more you will experience mastery in your life.

The Communications Breakthrough Process is designed to help you clear your subconscious mind of negative thoughts and their accompanying emotions stored in the body – commonly known as "excess baggage." It provides a practical and valuable tool you can use to accelerate your process of self-discovery and personal growth.

In addition, the Process offers a simple, yet highly effective means of acknowledging and expressing your true feelings, without hurting or "dumping on" anyone else. You will be able to work through your issues with others in a safe, gentle, non-threatening way. This is a true Godsend for people who want to maintain peace and harmony in their loving relationships without having to suppress their true feelings or desires!

The System includes:

  • A large Communications Breakthrough Board that you can use by yourself or with a partner

  • A smaller board for travel

  • An in-depth Instruction Manual

  • A 40-page full-color book, “Basic Truths About the Nature of Life"

  • A letter of explanation from Phyllis as to the “hidden secrets” that make The Communications Breakthrough System so powerful.

Read about the secrets as to why this is so powerful. (PDF) 114 KB

One special bonus not mentioned anywhere else: There are highly transformational affirmations printed on all four sides of the box. Phyllis has specially energized the box, so that each time you view these affirmations, they will positively impact the subconscious and cause a deep level of clearing to take place, allowing you to integrate the positive beliefs more and more over time and accept the subsequent benefits into your life. There are some additional benefits to owning The Communications Board System on our online flyer.

Download Flier (PDF) 1.03 MB


(Shipped separately from other ordered items.)


"When there's a conflict in my relationship with my spouse, I use the Communications Breakthrough System. I become more detached, not blaming my spouse for the issue, but explaining how I feel about what's taken place. My spouse stops being defensive; he listens more carefully to my feelings, rather than feeling like he's being attacked. We can then move forward to solving the problem together."

—M.L.E., Freelance Writer/PR Specialist
Seattle, WA 

“I have been using the Communication Breakthrough System now for six weeks and I am very impressed with the results. I am currently going through a divorce and I am frequently stressed out or triggered. I regularly use the CB board to assist me in clearing myself. The CB board has become a trusted friend that I rely on frequently. Without the board I would be needing a mini-session quite regularly, but with the board I can do it for myself. Thank you for having such a valuable tool available.”

—Lisa M., Chicago, Illinois

“In today's professional work world, there are many types of personalities and work ethic patterns that can clash on a daily basis.  Our ability to maintain clear work relationships in this era of high stress and political correctness is a critical professional success factor.  The Communication Breakthrough System works quite well to help me privately defuse my side of relationship clashes at work.  There are weeks when I use it almost daily to release my own emotions and get to core issues that are triggering my negative emotional reactions.  If I am willing to own my piece, I can feel the negative energy lift off my neck, shoulders and jaw in very short order, and I get a direct understanding of what my triggers were in the matter.  Then I can go to work the next day and be more clear, positive and calm when I am in relationship with the other party.  I find that if I am clear, then the issue with the other person usually does not intensify or explode into a more serious situation.  And if it does, I at least know that I am trying to honor my part in a difficult situation and I keep going back to the Board until the fires are out. Thank you for this very valuable personal process tool!” 

—Jackie H., Baltimore, Maryland

“When I’ve used the Communications Breakthrough Board, I usually found myself dealing with events and experiences that were so ancient I had no idea they existed, but the energetic load lifted afterwards was testament to having dug right into the root of the matter. Being able to process my own stuff whenever I need to is not only empowering but helps me deal responsibly in addressing areas of my life that aren’t working for me and need change.  After using the CBB, I feel lighter and happier, since I am able to clear old, useless negative programming.  It’s a tool for enlightenment and developing our own light within so we can better be a part of the light above.” 

—Mary O., Chicago, Illinois


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