Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
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This is our "holiday gift" to you... extra energetic support during the holiday season-to help you maximally enjoy being with your family and loved ones. Although ideally a time of "peace and good will," the holiday season can be quite stressful.

Most of us are on a path of "clearing our negative programming" and developing ourselves spiritually. As a result, we (unconsciously) invite in all people and circumstances to help us in this goal. Since our family of origin was the first place (this lifetime) where we were "programmed" to be the way we are, many of us have deep issues which get triggered when we're around our family for an extended period of time.

Often old hurts, jealousies, and insecurities can get triggered by our well-meaning siblings, cousins, and parents. To be clear, these are "OUR hurts, jealousies, and insecurities," that is, they need to be cleared WITHIN US. But sometimes it's challenging being around our family, because the old stuff comes to the surface so "fast and furious."

Without being able to work through all your issues on the spot (a challenge for most of us!), you can either "blow up and create more drama and negativity", or "suppress your negativity and stew inside." Neither of these being great alternatives, we offer the "Holiday Continuous Clearing." This means that I and my "Helpers" will be available to you, throughout the days you specify, continually clearing you and moving out the old negative programming and emotions that arise. It's like you are getting numerous mini-sessions or parts of mini-sessions throughout the period of time you select. This will help you to create the most positive, loving exchanges with your family and loved ones during this holiday season.

Some people have even signed up their "cousin Suzy" or their "Uncle Charlie" with whom they may have had a lot of clashes in the past. Of course we make sure it's for the person's Highest Good, but it can wind up helping everyone in the family. The normal charge for this continuous clearing is $45 a day, however, we are offering it for $15 a day (with a three-day minimum) throughout the entire holiday season. Call our office or sign up online now, and request the continuous holiday clearing service. (You can sign up any time during the holiday. Your request for clearing will be honored immediately after you call or email us. If we are out of the office, payment will be taken upon our return.)

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