Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
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Lynn Rae Lowe

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When I first saw Lynn Rae Lowe's pieces of art, I could feel the deeply inspired place she was coming from in creating them. (I intuitively measured her reaching Level of Light 129.) Her colors are warm and bright and really grab you! I purchased the Seven Sylphs sculpture and the Matisse wall art (both pictured here). I found this statement on her website which verifies my intitial instincts about her and where she is coming from:

"Lynn Rae aspires to illuminate the Absolute by bringing the sacred into physical form and imbuing her art with an uplifting energy that the viewer can directly experience. "Iconoglyphic", the term she's coined to describe her style, refers to the cross-cultural myths and archetypes that represent human potential.

A prolific sculptor working in bronze, copper, steel and paper, Lynn Rae says of her soaring, celebratory works, "At this point in our society's evolution, I feel we are searching for a sense of oneness that is greater than the individual. With the world becoming ever smaller under the expanding, powerful eye of the electronic media, we need to have images that remind us of our own truth, our own power and our own creativity."

Since Lynn Rae only sells her works to galleries, I decided to make her pieces available through my "Uplifting Art Gallery." You will need to view her pieces by going to her website ( and then place your order with us: Light Unlimited or 512-301-2999.

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