Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
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What owners are saying about Personal Rejuvenizers®

"I've just received the Personal Rejuvenizer and started to feel so much better already.  I've had this loud ringing noise in my head and ears for a long while and as soon as I put on the Rejuvenizer, the noise became quieter and I slept better, and it is not as hard to wake up and get up in the morning any more.  I also got the Indoor Rejuvenizer for my room that I'm renting in my sister's house that has very chaotic and stressful energies.  So far I've noticed I sleep better there, and it just feels better and more peaceful in my room, and I am able to work with Light energies more.  Hopefully I will get an opportunity to move to a better place soon, but in the meantime, thanks to the Rejuvenizers, it is definitely easier to be in a chaotic house."

—L.B., Realtor
Portola Hills, California, USA.

"The day after I got my Personal Rejuvenizer, I had more energy and my knees didn't hurt for the first time in weeks (they hurt everyday). When the doctors yelled at me (which they do every day), it didn't bother me. I felt good all day."

—J.G., Vet Tech
Austin, Texas

"I used to feel more and more drained every day, like I kept getting worse and worse. Once I got the Personal Rejuvenizer, every day started getting better and better, until now I have plenty of energy and the fatigue is gone. It's amazing how well it works!"
—P.N., Admin. Asst.
Bellingham, Washington, USA

"For the past twenty years of my life, I have been plagued by horrible nightmares in which I was being chased or killed. Since I’ve been married, my husband would hear me screaming and thrashing in the middle of the night, and then I would wake up terrified, clenching his arm. Since getting the Personal Rejuvenizer, I haven’t had one single nightmare like that, and I am now sleeping peacefully the whole night through. It’s been great—for both of us!!!"
—S.A., Accountant
Shoreview, Minnesota, USA

"I used to wake up clenching my teeth, with my arms clutched across my chest. After a few weeks of wearing a Personal Rejuvenizer, I no longer wake up that way. I now wake up in a relaxed state, and my jaws are no longer tense the way they were before. In fact, I sleep much more soundly as well."
—M.W., Housewife
Monterey, California, USA

"Two years ago, before acquiring a Personal Rejuvenizer, I was tested by an allergist who said I was allergic to molds, dust, grasses, and pollens. Just last week I was tested by another allergist, and this time, no allergens showed up!!"
—D.K., Bank Employment Manager
Houston, Texas, USA

"Since getting a Personal Rejuvenizer, I feel a greater sense of peace and calm, my attitude is more positive, and my confidence level has gone up. It must be emitting good energy as well, because people compliment me on it all the time and ask me what it is and where they can get one!"
—B.E., Landscape Designer
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

"Before I got my Personal Rejuvenizer, it felt like time was getting faster and faster, and I wasn't able to keep up with it. It felt like too much was coming at me too fast, and it made the speed of my day unbearably painful. Once I started wearing my Rejuvenizer, I noticed that time went back to normal and I experienced complete relief. What a Godsend this has been for me!"
—B.G., Service Manager
Long Beach, California, USA

"I used to get sick with viruses every time I got on a crowded plane. It was so bad that I had to wear a mask during the flight. Now, I don’t need to wear a mask... and I’m not getting sick anymore!"
—B. P., Medical Electrologist
Austin, TX, USA

"I don't understand how your device works, but work it does for me. I've struggled with what I'll call "tired blood" for years and attributed it to my mild lupus, but with your energy device around my neck, it is mostly gone... all the time. Also mostly gone, the bleferitis around my eyes (a mild infection). My mind chatter, that I tried to end using neurofeedback is also much abated. It seems like a miracle to me, and opens up a lot of '4th dimensional' realities that I haven't spent much time thinking about. Good to know life still has surprises."
—J.L., Warrenton, VA

What owners are saying about Cell Phone Rejuvenizers®
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"I've tried several of the cell phone shields out there. Yours was, by far, the most effective I've found. The benefits of the others seemed negligible to me. Yours made such a radical difference. When I would use my cell phone, it felt like it was caving my ear drum in. Your product has eliminated that experience totally. I don't notice any negative effects anymore. After spending tons of money and trying anything I could get my hands on, it was great to find something that is truly effective."
—B.M., Albuquerque, New Mexico,
Massage Therapist

What owners are saying about Travel Rejuvenizers®
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"Since getting the Travel Rejuvenizer, I have had four near misses with other cars, and not one single collision. One time, it was nothing but a total miracle that we weren't hit!! We had pulled out into an intersection after our light turned green, and all of a sudden, we were directly in the path of a van that had run the red light at full speed. There was NO WAY this van was not going to hit us! But somehow, incredibly enough, it missed us! The Travel Rejuvenizer really works!"
—T.C., Sr. Vice President. Corporate Development
Atlanta, GA, USA

"I feel lighter, safer, and more relaxed when I drive with my Travel Rejuvenizer in place. In addition, I have had several close calls, where it seemed quite miraculous that I was able to avoid an accident. I know my Travel Rejuvenizer is helping me big time!"
—R.M., Esthetician
Houston, TX, USA

"Between the Travel and the Personal Rejuvenizer, I am much calmer when I drive. I used to get very defensive. Now, driving is very pleasant; I no longer feel rushed and on edge. My energy level is much higher, and I can go all day without getting tired."
—E B., Psychotherapist
Raleigh, N.C., USA

"I'm alert now. I used to be so sleepy. I find I have long drives... I stay alert all the way through, and I'm enjoying driving. I'm in major traffic everyday. For the Travel Rejuvenizer to help me with that is wonderful!"
—R.O., Massage Therapist,
Atlanta, Georgia

What owners are saying about Circuit Rejuvenizers®
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"I used to feel negative energy coming off my TV and my computer and being near both used to bother me a lot. I got a Circuit Rejuvenizer for my home and office, and I don't feel that negative energy anymore. What a relief! It really makes a big difference."
—V. T., Accounting Executive
Eugene, Oregon, USA

"As soon as I put the Circuit and Indoor Rejuvenizers in my house, I felt like this weight had been lifted out of here and light had come in. I've gone through a real hard time with my children because of my ex-husband, and the Rejuvenizers have made a huge difference... it's just amazing!"
—M.P., Interior Decorator
Chicago, Illinois, USA

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you for how well the Circuit Rejuvenizer. I’d ordered has worked. Within ten minutes of putting it on my circuit breaker panel, I could feel the energy in our home smooth out."
—C. C., Astrologer
Estes Park, Colorado, USA

"Since installing the Circuit Rejuvenizer, I no longer feel all tense and wound up when I go to bed, and I no longer wake up with my fists clenched in a real tight ball. Now I go to bed feeling completely relaxed and sleep comfortably throughout the whole night. The difference has been remarkable!"
—J. M., Barber
Austin, Texas, USA

"With my office ‘De-Stressed,’ my mind feels freer to be much more creative. It’s as if there is no more static interference blocking my creativity."
—C. D., Nutritionist
San Antonio, TX, USA

"I could sense a real difference in my classroom immediately upon installing the Rejuvenizers. They created a feeling of peace and harmony that relieved the normal chaos and hectic energy I feel there."
—D. M., Educational Consultant
Columbus, Ohio, USA

"I've always heated my baby's formula in the microwave oven, since it's so much quicker. But I've been noticing that he has a runny nose and gets sick a lot, and I suspected it had something to do with the microwave. I got a Circuit Rejuvenizer to see if it could help, and it's only been two months, but his nose has stopped running and he's so much healthier."
—B.L., Housewife,
Los Angeles, California

What owners are saying about Water Rejuvenizers®
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"After installing the Water Rejuvenizer, I took a bath and had the most wonderful experience. I felt etheric, buoyant, like I was floating in space. The water made me feel lighter, and I felt a certain clarity, along with a marvelous sense of oneness with the water. In addition, that night, I noticed a big difference in my skin texture. Then, the next day, I noticed that this extremely irritating rash that I had had for at least a year, had cleared up substantially. "
—P.G., Golfer
Encinitas, California, USA

"I've been using Phyllis' Water Rejuvenizer for two weeks and my showers are no longer an exhausting ordeal, as it is for many of us older folks. They are a refreshing experience again (I'm no longer shakey, out of breath and in need of a nap). The water seems more coherent... feels better somehow, and I like this effect very much. "
—L. A., Retiree
Austin, Texas, USA

"With the Water Rejuvenizer in place, the difference in my experience of bathing was subtle, yet profound. My body felt lighter, more peaceful. I felt “higher,” more elevated in my consciousness, more “up” in general. It felt good...different from the “flatness” or “dullness” of the energy, without the Water Rejuvenizer®."
—S. B., Counselor
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

"My skin is extremely sensitive, and taking showers is always an unpleasant, stressful experience. When the water hits my skin, it hurts and is irritating. I feel on edge when I shower, and my skin itches when I get out. Once I installed the Water Rejuvenizer®, the water hitting my skin actually felt good, like a pleasant waterfall...peaceful, more relaxing. And I didn’t notice my skin itching when I got out."
—A.M., Waitress
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

What owners are saying about Indoor Rejuvenizers®
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""When I used to walk into my apartment, it used to feel suffocating and congested, even when I would open the windows. With the Indoor Rejuvenizers in place, that's all gone. It feels good and clear in here. I now like being in my apartment!"
—S.W., Financial Planner
Seattle, Washington, USA

"My office feels incredible. Within ten minutes of putting installing the Indoor Rejuvenizers, I felt the energy shift. I feel more awake and energetic myself sitting in the room. And it's funny, as soon as I walk out of the room, I start yawning. My office used to make me yawn all the time!"
—A.S., Hospital Administrator
Alexandria, VA, USA

"I just put a set of Indoor Rejuvenizers around my house, and I was shocked by how much of a difference they made. I actually wake up feeling better than when I went to bed. I can’t remember the last time I felt that way. It’s unbelievable! And I can really tell the difference when I come back to my house after work. The house doesn’t feel oppressive and dense anymore. It’s so much lighter. I can now relax in my house, and I never felt that way before. I’m amazed beyond belief!"
—J.S., Systems Analyst
Seattle, Washington, USA

"When I bought the Indoor Rejuvenizers, I went into the basement and, according to the instructions, placed one in each corner. By the time I got back to the first floor, the air seemed cleaner and sweeter, and I felt like I was breathing fresh spring air. The house seemed lighter, like a veil had been lifted. There is now an underlying calm and even a difference in the way my husband and I communicate. It is gentle and more honest—it's amazing!"
—T.D., Iconographer
Fairfax, Virginia , USA

"My co-worker and I both have noticed a definite improvement in the atmosphere in our office since I put the Indoor Rejuvenizers in the four corners of the office complex. It feels much more friendly and relaxed, and I actually feel comfortable working there, which is a real change for me!"
—A.P., Graphic Designer
Austin, Texas, USA

"I just realized that my husband and I haven’t had any fights since we put the Indoor Rejuvenizers around the house."
—K. H., Housewife and mother
Jacksonville, N.C, USA.

"After putting the Indoor Rejuvenizers around my classroom, I noticed that I was more at peace, and I no longer felt out of control in my attempts to discipline the kids. Their usual antics no longer seemed to bother me the way they had previously.
—B. M., Junior High School Teacher
Houston, TX, USA

What owners are saying about Outdoor Rejuvenizers®
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"Once I put the Outdoor Rejuvenizers in place, the outside environment which had previously felt harsh, now felt kind, as if a weight had been lifted that had been burdening the place. Now I feel that it is inviting to go outdoors for everyday things like taking out the trash and compost or getting the mail, even after dark. These tasks I used to postpone because I had experienced some level of dread in leaving the house, but the dread has been replaced with feeling invited."
—A.B., Project Manager
Manhattan, Kansas, USA

"The first time I meditated in my backyard with the Outdoor Rejuvenizers in place, I felt so much bliss. My meditation was deeper than ever before. My wife came out to greet me with more love and spontaneity than she’s ever shown before! The Rejuvenizers seem to have affected us both in a really powerful and beautiful way! I couldn’t see them, but it felt like there were these four pillars of angels standing around the four corners of our property!!"
—G.P., Teacher, San Clemente
California, USA

"After installing the Outdoor Rejuvenizers, I came back indoors. Later, I went out again, with my mind on something else, and felt a “WHOOSH,” like a real shift had taken place. The energy shifted, not just in an interior way, but almost physically. I looked up and the woods looked different, more alive. Also, the crows, that used to be here in raucous groups, have left and not returned."
—V.N., Housewife, Patterson
New Jersey, USA

What owners are saying about Pet Rejuvenizers®
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"I wanted to let you know how well the Pet Rejuvenizer has worked for my outdoor cats. Actually, as soon as I sent you an email describing my problem of a neighbor cat chasing off my outdoor cats and asking whether a Pet Rejuvenizer would help, the neighbor cat became less of a problem.  As soon as I got the Rejuvenizer in the mail the neighbor cat did not totally disappear but my cats were back immediately!  We didn't even have to wait the three weeks that you thought we would, Phyllis, and your prediction of solving the problem about 90% was totally right!"

"And while I'm writing about experiences, I have had some incredible clearings since we had our last session in October. The work we did clearing anger and my beliefs about not being connected to the Source have brought many more clearings of old emotional energy. Its been terrific!  Thank you."
—C. J., Student,
San Francisco, California

"My dog would not eat for four years; you’d really have to coax him. He had no interest in food and no appetite whatsoever. He’d eat just enough to survive, but that was all. Now, with the Pet Rejuvenizer, he has a voracious appetite, as well as a lot more energy. Also, interestingly enough, he seems more attuned to me than ever before."
—A. I., Homemaker
Houston, Texas, USA

"Abandoned at ten months old, Sugar seemed sad and lethargic when we adopted him. I got him a Pet Rejuvenizer immediately, and he has since become the most unusually playful, happy, and contented cat I’ve ever seen. He purrs most of the time, puts up with my rambunctious four-year old son, loves to travel in the car, and is amazingly calm around other animals, even large dogs! The Pet Rejuvenizer seems to have made a real difference!"
—M.T., Housewife
Burnsville, Minnesota, USA

"Ever since I got a Pet Rejuvenizer, my cats are all getting along better. My wild female cat that always hisses at my male cat, now lets him lick her instead. She has also stopped scratching me every time I pick her up. Both cats have become much more affectionate and friendly and seem to really understand me more when I talk to them. "
—H.S., Personal Trainer
Katy, Texas, USA

"My wife and I adopted a kitten for our daughter, but after we got it home, it got extremely sick and had trouble breathing. (We think it was because of all the immunization shots it had been given just before we took it home.) I actually didn't think the animal was going to live. I decided to try the Pet Rejuvenizer, along with some nutritional support, to see if that would help. After a few days, the kitty has come back to life and is playing and frolicking about like normal."
—G.K., Nutritional Consultant
Austin, Texas, USA

All testimonials or endorsements reflect the individual's personal opinion and are not given on behalf of any entity or organization. The individuals were not provided with any monies or gifts for their letters of recommendation and experience.

In addition, individual results with Rejuvenizers may vary. Many people experience positive changes in their lives. Some people may simply use the Rejuvenizer on faith, based on the positive experiences of others.  If a person "doesn't feel anything" with ongoing Rejuvenizer use, we sometimes recommend private subconscious clearing work to remove deep blockages to perceiving subtle energies.


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