Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
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Dear Friends,

I want you to know of the "behind-the-scenes" truth about my books, Prince Charming Lives!* Finding the Love of Your Life (*Princess Charming Does Too) and Love Now, Here's How / 26 Roadblocks to Healthy Relationships and How to Clear Them. These books have tremendous healing potential! After thirty years of intensive self-healing and research, I have developed the ability to clear negative programming to the depths of the subconscious mind and repair the human energy field. I call this work "Telepathic Healing," and I've been given the gift of help from Higher-dimensional beings in this process.

Here's the magic: My "healing guides" are present, through my consciousness, to help people who read the books, in the same way they help my private clients. Thus, the book is not only intellectually-stimulating and information-giving, but subconscious clearing actually occurs while people read it!! Specifically, reading the book will help:

  • Remove blocks to
    • Intimacy
    • Being true to yourself in relationships
    • Being in touch with what you really want in relationships
    • Feeling you deserve to have what you want in relationships

  • Reawaken the thymus gland (the "love" gland, completely atrophied in most adults)

  • Clear a particular negative energy around the heart in the subtle bodies that relates to a person thinking they are "not okay the way they are" and the guilt that entails.

  • Clear AFU's ("Anti-Faith Units"). These are small, sometimes numerous energy blockages that people attract by the age of twelve, based on their attitude and beliefs. They reside in the area of the seventh chakra and block the influx of spiritual energy, keeping a person locked into a certain degree of skepticism and lack of faith in a "Higher Power."

And here is the final information I received as to what will happen, just from touching the book:

  1. Within each human being is an extremely large mass of negativity stored around the pelvic floor, which makes people scared to change and thus cling to their old ways. This mass must be released in order for humanity to move forward and evolve to a higher consciousness. Every person who touches the book shall have this negative mass cleared.

  2. There is an energy blockage that all humans have, located along the front of the body--from just under the nose to just above the navel. This relates to the belief in suffering that exists in every single human being on the planet. This blockage of energy exists primarily in the spiritual and higher mental bodies, but also permeates the other subtle bodies as well. When a person touches the book, this blockage will also be released on a permanent basis.

  3. There is a web of confused energy around the third eye of nearly everyone on the planet. It is the result of ancient negative energy in the collective unconscious about not being able to see or know that which is out of the realm of the five senses. As a result, over the eons, a tremendous web of confused energy has developed which has stifled mankind greatly. When a person touches the book, the detrimental effects of this negative energy will be cleared from them.

Tell your friends!! - Give copies to your loved ones as presents! - Do whatever you feel inspired to do!

My prayer is for maximum healing for as many people as possible, and I appreciate whatever support you can give Prince Charming Lives! and Love Now Here's How.


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