Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
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In today's high-tech world, we are bombarded by negative energy from the electromagnetic fields around high power lines and electronic devices such as computers, TV's, radios, cell phones and microwave ovens. Exposure to these electromagnetic fields drains vital life force from the body and alters its natural polarity, often contributing to a weakened immune system and a variety of other health concerns.


Created by Dr. Phyllis Light - healer and author of Prince Charming Lives! - this family of unique products, called Rejuvenizers®, provides healing, energizing, rejuvenation and protection.


Personal Rejuvenizer® $169.00   

Rejuvenizer Pendants are 10% off until October 31, 2019

Personal Rejuvenizer®
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The Personal Rejuvenizer® helps protect you from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, repairs subtle damages to your energy field from drugs, surgical procedures, or other people's negativity directed at you, and clears many viruses and bacteria that cause the flu and other illnesses. Comes in 14 different colors.

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Women's Personal
Rejuvenizer Rings®
Personal Rejuvenizer®
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4 of the 8 available colors.

We now have beautiful Rejuvenizer rings! All rings are fully encoded with the same functions as the Rejuvenizer pendants.  You will get the same incredible benefits with either the ring or the pendant!

3 styles for women:  Modern, Classic, and Artistic  (All rings are 925 sterling silver.  The Modern style also has some gold.

Available colors: Caribbean Seas, Celestial Sky, Cobalt Magic, Golden Sunrise, Pearlescent Pink, Purple Majesty and Shimmering Mint

Women's sizes:  4 - 11   (They can easily be resized by a professional jeweler for an exact fit.)

Out of Stock: Women’s Modern Golden Sunrise size 10, Women's Modern Cobalt Magic size 11

Discontinued: Woman’s Classic Style Golden Sunrise (size 5 & 6), Classic Style unavailable in the following colors: Midnight Blue, Pearlescent Pink, Purple Majesty and Shimmering Mint.


Men's Personal
Rejuvenizer Rings®
Personal Rejuvenizer®
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2 colors in Modern Style

Men's Rejuvenizer rings are fully encoded with the same functions as the Rejuvenizer pendants. You will get the same valuable benefits with either the ring or the pendant!

1 style for men: Modern (All rings are 925 sterling silver. The Modern style also has some gold.

Available colors: Purple Majesty and Midnight Blue

Men's sizes: 5-15 (They can easily be resized by a professional jeweler for an exact fit.)


Cubicle Rejuvenizer® $165.00  
Cubicle Rejuvenizer

The Cubicle Rejuvenizer is designed to act as both the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers for your individual workspace—where it would be impossible to use all five Rejuvenizers necessary to protect and clear the space.

It will help clear your immediate space of specific negative energies and neutralize electromagnetic frequencies, just like the Indoor and Circuit Rejuvenizers do. It will also help neutralize the detrimental effects of overhead florescent lights. Being at work will be a more pleasurable, life-supporting experience!


Picture Rejuvenizer® $139.00  
Fall Sale
Cubicle Rejuvenizer

We have learned that your photograph contains your life force, and that whatever happens to your photo affects your physical body in a significant way, over time.

To support those of you who want to help your loved ones, we have created "The Picture Rejuvenizer" that you can put on top of a photograph of a loved one, to give them the benefits of the Rejuvenizer technology.

The Picture Rejuvenizer is a smaller version of the Personal Rejuvenizer, available in random colors only (there is no color selection). We created this in these "challenging economic times" to help people make the Rejuvenizer technology available to their friends and loved ones who may not be open to wearing the Rejuvenizer ring or pendant.

Note: This is not a pendant to hang around your neck. It is a Dichroic Glass Stone encoded with all the functions of the Personal Rejuvenizer.


Cell Phone Rejuvenizer® $25.00  
Cell Phone Rejuvenizer®

Ultimate protection for your physical and subtle bodies with the Cell Phone Rejuvenizer®. The frequencies emitted by the cell phone are extremely disruptive to the natural flow of energy through the brain and rest of the body, and many people are concerned about possible health problems that could arise.

The Cell Phone Rejuvenizer® will help you by both neutralizing the frequencies coming into the head through the ear and by fully shielding the etheric body, the subtle blueprint for the physical. This will keep the physical body intact and unaffected by the disruptive energies.

The Cell Phone Rejuvenizer® will also shield you from your cell phone's battery, which normally alters the body's natural polarities and invites possible health challenges as well. With the Cell Phone Rejuvenizer®, you may start to experience:

  • increased clarity of mind
  • improved health
  • less headaches
  • more energy.

Note: If you already have a Personal Rejuvenizer®, you really don't need a Cell Phone Rejuvenizer® in order to be fully protected from the disruptive frequencies of the cell phone. However, the Cell Phone Rejuvenizer® will do one thing that your Personal Rejuvenizer® doesn't do: it will provide a shield around the cell phone and antenna, so that you're not endangering the people nearest you.

Whenever you pull out your cell phone, wherever the antenna is pointing, there is a frequency that is directed at the person in the line of sight of the antenna, damaging their energy field. So, the Cell Phone Rejuvenizer®, unlike the Personal, will shield the people in the immediate vicinity as well.

Using her healing skills, Dr. Light has encoded the Cell Phone Rejuvenizer® to clear out old negative energies stored in the body from past cell phone use, so there is an actual healing benefit as well. This could help prevent brain tumors and other health problems that may arise from on-going cell phone use.

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Read an article warning of children using cell phones.

Results of Clinical Trial on Cell Phone Rejuvenizer®


Indoor Rejuvenizer® $155.00  
Indoor Rejuvenizer®

Create a lighter, more peaceful and harmonious environment in your home, or at work, with a set of Indoor Rejuvenizers®. They create a positive, life-supporting energy field within any size house or building up to 5000 square feet, reaching upward three floors. They rid the space of any negativity from unwanted energies from other dimensions, as well as any negativity generated by previous occupants of that room or space. With the Indoor Rejuvenizers®, your home and office will feel as good, energetically pleasing, and clear as possible. They are perfect companions for stuffy conference and meeting rooms, as well as a must for travelers, who want to sleep in a peaceful, stress-free environment while away from home.

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Outdoor Rejuvenizer® $145.00  
Outdoor Rejuvenizer®

Make any outdoor activities that you or your children engage in, more pleasurable, harmonious, and life-embracing with the Outdoor Rejuvenizers®. Even when you are outdoors, you are still combatting the electrical and electromagnetic fields that exist everywhere – from electric and telephone lines, and radio, TV, and other satellite frequencies. The Outdoor Rejuvenizers® are particularly valuable when you have a satellite dish, electric transformer, or high power lines on or near your property. One set of four Outdoor Rejuvenizers will cover an area up to 1 acre.

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Circuit Rejuvenizer® $65.00  
Circuit Rejuvenizer®

Rid your home of harmful electromagnetic energy and create a more relaxed, harmonious environment with the Circuit Rejuvenizer®. This device can change the negative energy field coming from electrical circuits, sockets, cords, and appliances, including computers, microwaves and televisions, to a positive, life-supporting one and help alleviate stress-related problems which come from exposure to such fields. The Circuit Rejuvenizer®, along with a set of Indoor Rejuvenizers®, provide complete protection for you and your loved ones and create a truly stress-free environment for your home or office.

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Travel Rejuvenizer® $75.00  
Travel Rejuvenizer®

Make your travel safe, less draining, and less frustrating with the Travel Rejuvenizer®, as it creates a positive, life-supporting energy field, negating the detrimental effects from close proximity to high tension power lines, electrical power plants, and even from the vehicle's own battery and alternator/generator. In addition, it has a special encoded function that helps you and the other drivers in the near vicinity to stay maximally alert and focused, minimizing the possibility of anyone causing an accident. Very practical!

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Mini-Travel Rejuvenizer® $75.00  
Mini-Travel Rejuvenizer®

The latest addition to our Rejuvenizer family, the "Mini-Travel Rejuvenizer," can be carried in a man's wallet or in a woman's small purse. It costs the same as the Travel Rejuvenizer, since it performs the exact same functions. We have added the "mini" size for additional convenience and preference.


Pet Rejuvenizer® $65.00  
Pet Rejuvenizer®

This device harmonizes and protects your pets in the same way the Personal Rejuvenizer® does for people. Animals may experience a decrease in illness and enjoy a happier disposition. You can attach the Pet Rejuvenizer® to your pet's collar, or simply attach it to his or her water or food bowl. One Pet Rejuvenizer® will work for up to three animals who live inside your house, when attached to the bowl. A separate Pet Rejuvenizer® will take care of up to three of your animals living outside your house, when attached to their food or water container.

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Water Rejuvenizer® $55.00  
Water Rejuvenizer®

Enjoy a higher vibration and more uplifting quality to the water you bath and shower in, as well as water you cook with and wash your food in. Since the body absorbs so much water through the skin, it can only appreciate the Rejuvenizer's® ability to help neutralize the effects of any chemicals or toxins in your water. [The Water Rejuvenizer® is not intended to replace water purifying systems which remove chlorine, mineral deposits, or other undesirable substances, but can only enhance the value of such systems.]

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Luggage Rejuvenizer® $35.00 each or 4 or more $25.00 each.
Luggage Rejuvenizer®

Designed to protect the contents of your luggage from airport scanners, the Luggage Rejuvenizers will also keep your supplements, makeup, and food free from degradation by the damaging scanner frequencies.

In addition, the various radiating devices also allow negative energies to get into and remain within your suitcase and its contents. The Luggage Rejuvenizer will protect from this effect.

Finally, some people are particularly aware of the energy left by the authorities who search through your suitcase at the airport. The Luggage Rejuvenizer is designed to clear all such energy, leaving your clothes and belongings with your energy alone.



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