Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
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"Prince Charming Lives"

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Help in changing directions...

"We all need light on our path when we are ready to change directions. This book can be that beacon for those who are ready to change."
-Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

Found solutions to life-long problems...

"In one week of reading Prince Charming Lives!, I have found solutions to problems I've been wrestling with for years. As I began each new chapter, I was amazed at the amount of knowledge contained there. I know I'll be using this book for the rest of my life."
-C.W., San Diego, California, USA

Compatibility tests helped find the right partner...

"I found the compatibility tests to be most valuable. They gave me a clear and strong sense that the woman I met, within two weeks of reading the book, was the right one for me. So the bonus for me was: I actually found Princess Charming!"
-G.S., Los Angeles, California, USA

Best self-help book ever...

"I have read every self-help book on the shelves, and yours is the first book that actually made me feel better. Thank you so much. It has helped me greatly in my life."
-S.H., Greenbay, Wisconsin, USA

Answered plaguing questions since divorce...

"Your book answered all the questions I've been asking for the past four years since my divorce."
-L.M. Fallbrook, California, USA

Instrumental in spiritual development...

"Prince Charming Lives! was for me an instrumental tool in my spiritual development. It gave me the understanding that we attract to ourselves what is in our thoughts, and that to reprogram our thoughts is to change our lives and our relationships. The exercises in healing gave me the assurance that I could find and change the negative thoughts and 'rewire' them to keep my mind and body trouble-free."
-K.L., Manassas, Virginia, USA

Never felt happier...

"I read your book two weeks ago, and I can honestly say, I've never felt happier in my whole life than I have in these past two weeks. It has really been amazing."
-R.M., Austin, Texas, USA

I use it every day...

"I enjoy reading your book over and over again. I like to use it every day, whenever I can keep my hands on it - all my friends keep borrowing it! Reading the book and performing the exercises have definitely made my life and my relationships much more healthy, honest and loving. I've healed a lot of emotional and even physical pains."
-A.R., Lorton, Virginia, USA

Recommend the book to clients...

"As a teacher of metaphysics and a healer, I have many times wished for a book I could recommend to clients which would contain all the basic truths they needed to know to understand how life works. I have also wished for a book which would contain solid exercises which, when used, would help the client find healing. Prince Charming Lives! Is the closest book I have found to fulfilling my desires."
-J.M.B., San Antonio, Texas, USA

Helps create relationships that truly work...

"Most of us go in and out of relationships unconsciously and don't understand why they're so painful. This book offers a way of being conscious in a relationship and creating one that truly works."
-D.H. La Canada, California, USA

Major improvement in my love relationships...

"Prince Charming Lives! is a very useful tool for self-discovery, healing, and growth. It has allowed me to let more love into my life and to accept that love. I have been experiencing a major improvement in my love relationships since reading the book."
-M.N., Houston, Texas, USA

Gives the sanity to let go of relationships that hold me back...

"It has enlightened me and helped me to become aware that everything in my life is some form of relationship. It has also given me the ability to manage all my relationships better, as well as the sanity to let go of a previous relationship that was holding me back."
-R.Y., Houston, Texas, USA

Written clearly...

"Reading the book gave me a lot of new insights, but also, it was written so clearly that it brought together a lot of things I'd heard before - but had never understood. I felt really inspired, and a layer of hopelessness and despair around relationships was lifted."
-C.W., Columbus, Ohio, USA

Found my 'Prince' 4 months later...

"After reading Prince Charming Lives!, I have found my 'Prince' just four months later. I definitely wasn't expecting to find him. In fact, I was content to be single since it was 'easier.' This book has made a tremendous difference in my life!!!"
-P.J., Tustin, California, USA

Found out what I was doing to sabotage relationships...

"This is a great book! It got me to look more at my patterns and what I was doing to sabotage my relationships, and how I was actually cutting myself off from meeting the right person."
-L.B., Durham, North Carolina, USA

A Note From the Author

Read A Review of Prince Charming Lives

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