Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
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"We all need light on our path when we are ready to change directions. This book can be that beacon for those who are ready to change."
– Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

"In this high-tech, ever-changing world, creating deep and meaningful relationships often seems hard to accomplish. Love Now, Here's How truly shares with us how to create the love that makes our life rich and meaningful. Packed with specific tools and techniques, this book leads us, in a clear, practical way, toward a life of joy, happiness and the fulfillment of our relationship dreams. This book is an absolute must-read."

– Diane Alexander, President of The MindWorks, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, USA

"Love Now, Here's How is an outstanding book on relationships. Dr. Light does an exceptional job steering us through the "roadblocks" to healthy relationships with ourselves and others. She guides us with clarity and humor. I recommend this book for anyone willing to embark on the adventure of self-discovery and relationship building."

– Christine A. Jones, M.S., Computer Education and Cognitive Systems

"I shared the book with one of my clients who had been in total denial about her part in the relationship difficulties she was experiencing. It really helped her to see she was mentally creating the situation she was in. She realized it was her own fears of abandonment and of being loved that were causing the problem, and now she is quite willing to work on herself more deeply to resolve the issues. Also, both she and another client with whom I shared the book immediately wanted to know where they could get a copy."

– S. J., Psychotherapist, San Diego, California

"This book is terrific for getting to the core of relationship and personal problems, and I keep the book with me for reference. Reading from it, or showing my clients the section appropriate for them, quickly clarifies difficult and often confusing problems. Clients can easily relate to the "Common Experiences," and the "Limiting Thought Patterns" are very helpful as well. At once, the client is validated, "Yes, you're not the only one," and given an immediate handle to gain power over his negative belief systems."

– David Mumm, Educational Therapist & Clinical Doctoral Candidate, Columbus, Ohio

"Phyllis Light is a wonderful healer. She has managed to place into her book her own healing energy. Students and teachers alike will benefit greatly from the healing energy (and the practical information) in this book and the impetus behind it."

– Dorothy May, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Specialist in Codependency & Author

"This book showed me that there's a lot I can do to help myself, particularly when I'm feeling overwhelmed and hopeless about being able to change my circumstances. I learned that there is something I can do, when I used to think that there was nothing I could do."

– S. L., Business Technology Instructor, Syracuse, New York

"Love Now, Here's How has helped me to identify all the patterns that have kept me from experiencing a truly great relationship in my life. I am now able to start healing myself by using all the wonderful affirmations and techniques provided in the book. I'm extremely grateful to learn that there is, indeed, something I can do on my own to improve the quality of my relationships."

– A. K., Administrative Assistant, Dallas, Texas

"Love Now, Here's How gives readers an opportunity to understand how we can perceive life's trials and tribulations as wondrous opportunities to see inside ourselves. This enables us to grow beyond our current limitations and do what we could not do before. Empowered with insight, we can change the direction, form and function of our lives, making it possible to live life at a higher level of enjoyment and fulfillment than ever before."

– Mary O., MBA, Marketing & E-Commerce, Chicago, Illinois

"Love Now, Here's How is a remarkable tool for clearing and healing our subconscious minds, and equally important, our hearts. This book is not just an intellectual construct, but a viable tool for healing and recovery at very deep levels, on an ongoing basis! I found this book deeply insightful and very applicable in everyday life."

– Bryan B., Holistic Health Practitioner, San Diego, California

"Great gratitude goes to Phyllis Light for her work. In her book, she carefully dissects, in amazing detail, the fears that block the feelings of love. Each fear is subdivided into a list of beliefs that contribute to it. She provides not only a corresponding affirmation to each counterproductive belief, but also a number of ways to integrate the affirmation into body and spirit. Dr. Light's book provides an invaluable treasure trove of beliefs that can be examined, brought to consciousness and altered, bringing about more loving relationships in one's life."

– Veronica, B., Language Support Programmer, Austin, Texas

"Love Now, Here's How has been extraordinarily beneficial for me. I work with Phyllis' advanced technique for clearing specific issues every day. Anytime I encounter feelings of anxiety, I immediately implement the technique and feel instant relief. The technique is a Godsend."

– C. M. M., Sales Representative, Madison, Wisconsin

"During the 20 years I've know Dr. Light, she has exhibited extraordinary commitment and dedication to her own personal growth as well as to the growth and healing of others. Love Now, Here's How is the culmination of her years of work delving into the human psyche to locate the roots of unhappiness, unfulfillment and limiting thought patterns. The powerful insights, relevant anecdotes and easy-to-follow techniques will provide readers with the tools needed to regain control of their lives and open their minds, hearts and bodies to the inner peace, love, joy and even rapture that is theirs to claim."

– Donald P. Wyman, Ph.D., Educational Technology, Boston, Massachusetts


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