Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
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Phyllis Light's Books

Phyllis Light's books are designed to help you discover the tremendous amount of love you have within you and enable you to attract (or experience that you already have) the ideal partner with whom to share that love. When you read these books, you will be able to clear blocks to love and intimacy, and feel like you deserve to have the relationship you truly want.

In these books, you will learn how to create the ideal relationship you have always wanted, recognize it if you already have it, and alleviate personal suffering in ALL relationships.

Readers write...
I want to thank you so much for your book, Prince Charming Lives. Your book really is a "bible." Love, to me is the most important thing. And no other book has given me the permission to pursue loving relationships with women and remain grounded spiritually. And this time I am really ready to have faith in loving myself and asking for what I want.
—B.A., Columbus Ohio

Love Now, Here's How has helped me to identify all the patterns that have kept me from experiencing a truly great relationship in my life. I am now able to start healing myself by using all the wonderful affirmations and techniques provided in the book. I'm extremely grateful to learn that there is, indeed, something I can do on my own to improve the quality of my relationships.
—A. K., Dallas, Texas


A Note From the Author
A Review of Prince Charming Lives
What Readers Are Saying About Prince Charming Lives
A Review of Love Now, Here's How
What Readers Are Saying About Love Now, Here's How
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Prince Charming Lives! $12.95  
Prince Charming Lives!
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Phyllis and her book can help you in ALL of your relationships.

Specifically, the book will teach you to:

 Remove obstacles that keep Prince (or Princess) Charming hidden from view

 Open your heart to more love

 Create healthy, loving, supportive relationships

 Release your subconscious blocks to greater intimacy

 Determine your compatibility with current or potential partners

 Transform troubled relationships into harmonious ones

 Let go of relationships that no longer serve you.


Love Now! Here's How $16.95  
Love Now! Here's How
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This book will give you the understanding you seek as to why your relationships have not worked out the way you wanted and help you create healthy, loving relationships based on mutual support, intimacy and trust. Love Now, Here's How can help you realize your relationship dreams and satisfy the deepest longings of your heart.

In this potent and informative guide, you will learn to:

 Trust the love that flows through you and express it more freely and spontaneously to those around you.

 Penetrate the subconsious mind to discover the real causes of your relationship difficulties.

 Use intuitive skills to determine which particular subconscious patterns are yours.

 Apply a new technology to your affirmations that can help you heal your patterns at their roots.

 Heal your relationship with your parents in a deeper way than ever before, creating greater love and harmony in your current relationships.



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