Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
Metaphysical Spiritual Telepathic Healing and Transformation by Phyllis Light.
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September 7, 2007

Noticing more stress or feeling overwhelmed?

There is an astrological configuration taking place right now, called "Pluto conjunct the galactic center of the universe" (at 26 degrees of Sagittarius) that is really causing quite a stir. It actually started in February, 2006, and will continue until the end of the year, December 2007. Pluto brings the energy of death and rebirth, the "phoenix rising from the ashes." What this means is, we often have to "crash and burn" before we can rise from the proverbial ashes. It's as if our "deepest" stuff is "up for review", to give us a tremendous opportunity to heal and transform ourselves in ways that have been impossible prior to this time. And this is happening at a global level. So, ultimately, it's a good thing.

However, I'm noticing that many people are having a hard time with the "death" part. Remember, "rebirth" comes after "death," but many are getting stuck on the death part, or at least it FEELS like death to many people. What is happening is, there is a death taking place of our old self, our old ways and habits. And it's very scary and often painful. We humans don't change easily. So here, all our old junk is up in our face (e.g. If we had some debt before, suddenly we're facing mega-debt. If we felt like we were under attack by negative energies, suddenly that's all we can see and it's overwhelming for us.)... and it feels like "it's killing us." What's killing us is holding on to how it's been. Again, it's not easy to let go, but this is what's being called for.

So, this is a "wake-up" call, letting us know it's time to change our ways, and rise to a new and Higher way of being and viewing life. Yet, many people BELIEVE things are getting worse. Many people are "buying into" all the negativity and taking it personally. This is a time to let go, rather than to continue thinking and feeling the same way we've been doing for so long (many lifetimes, I'm sure.) It's a major growth opportunity and we need to take advantage of it, rather than "fall" to it or start believing things are getting worse.

Since I am in the business of helping people deal with their problems, here is what I have been noticing: 1) Lots of deep, inner questioning about the meaning of life: "What am I really doing here? Is there really any purpose to this all? Is it really worth being in life?" A lot of people are noticing that they are losing motivation to do things, almost as if, at a deep level, they are feeling, "It doesn't really matter, nothing really matters." This is the hopeless that underlies this "death stuff" that I'm talking about. So, when you get through it, the other side is greater love and appreciation for yourself and for life. It's just that sometimes we have to go through the "death" stuff (our inner obstacles and negative programs) to get to the good stuff that is available to us all.

I have also been seeing an increased frequency in accidents or potential accidents. Remember, you always attract to you what you're radiating from within, whether it is conscious or unconscious. If you're feeling like you want out of here, then you may attract someone (a bad driver) who will help you get your wish. Since Pluto deals with the unconscious, you may not be aware that you're putting out "get me out of here" vibes, but if you have an accident or near accident, you may want to do some subconscious clearing to deal with this deep negativity that attracted the unwanted circumstance to you in the first place. I would definitely recommend driving carefully and attentively at this time. (You may want to invest in a Travel Rejuvenizer to increase the safety factor during your travel time.)

I have also been noticing that people are unconsciously creating "other dimensions" that they stay in, in order to avoid any pain or discomfort they might have to feel if they were to be here fully. For example, I've seen, "Life's too hard, I don't want to be here" dimension.... or "I can't be happy here, so I don't want to be here" dimension. And then the person goes to this "other dimension" and leaves present time. It's a "coping strategy"... to avoid dealing with negative feelings inside that they're uncomfortable about dealing with. When you're not fully here, you are more prone to forgetfulness--missing appointments, forgetting about things you are supposed to do, etc., and also, more prone to having accidents. You may seem more detached or uncaring, and that's true... you are not fully here! I've seen people create 2 or 3 other dimensions; others as high as 7 other dimensions. One person I work with had created 19 other dimensions, and he really seemed "out of it" and not present.

On the more positive side, people are finding themselves making changes in their life situations that they never felt brave enough to make before. It is as if some unconscious force is pushing them to make serious changes, and they are now able to make new life choices. This is an incredible opportunity to change, to re-invent ourselves; however, it can be a very intense time, since the things we need to change are up in our face and demanding our attention.

If you feel overwhelmed or more stressed out than normal, know that you are not alone.... many are going through this. My main recommendation at this time is get all the clearing you feel you need, as this will help you work through and let go of the old programming that is "up for review." Other than that, do your best to take care of yourself and make choices that support your well-being and relaxation. You will get through this. It's just a matter of time, although the more you work on yourself at this time, the more enjoyable your "rise from the ashes" will be down the road.

April 16, 2007

In the February 2007 Newsletter, I mentioned that "WiMax is coming to America." I just wanted to pass the following article on to you to give you a "reality check." Please read the newsletter if you haven't yet done so. Essentially, you need to know that wireless frequencies wreak havoc on the immune system, create irritability and depression, and disconnect us further from our Higher, spiritual self.

April 12, 2007

The May Report: 04/12/2007: Bulletin: Sprint rolls out Wimax network which includes Motorola

Editor and publisher:,, 773-525-3944

Sprint Plans WiMax Network Rollout (4 items)

#1: Sprint Plans WiMax Network Rollout
Thursday April 12, 2:26 pm ET
Sprint Nextel Plans WiMax Network Rollout in 3 Cities

CHICAGO (AP) -- Chicago will be among the first three cities nationwide to have access to a new high-speed wireless network that's part of an emerging technology called WiMax.

The regional network operated by Sprint Nextel Corp., the nation's  third-largest cellular provider, will offer wireless Internet speeds that  match DSL and cable TV modems and allow people to have constant access to the Internet from a laptop as they travel the area.  Chicago, Washington and Baltimore will have access to the WiMAX network by  the end of the year. Officials at Kansas City, Mo.-based Sprint said they  expect the $3 billion project to reach more than 100 million Americans in 16  other cities by the end of 2008 and take three years to complete.

Sprint said it would build the WiMax network using its cell sites and  equipment by Motorola Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. and Nokia Corp.  Intel Corp., along with Motorola and Samsung, will provide chips that can  link devices such as laptops, phones and other electronic gear to either a  Wi-Fi network or a WiMax network, and also operate on Sprints cellular  network.  WiMax is derived from the same technology as the popular Wi-Fi standard that  provides wireless Internet access in such places as airports and coffee  shops. Unlike Wi-Fi, which provides wireless Internet access over a several hundred foot range, a WiMax signal can blanket a much wider area.

WiMax, short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, has been  mentioned as a possible alternative to cable modem and Digital Subscriber  Line services offered by cable and telephone companies. It's also touted as  a tool to connect emerging markets to the Internet.

#2: Spring Nextel Plans WiMax Network Rollout in Chicago

#3: Sprint Announces New WiMax Details

#4: Sprint Announces New WiMax Details
Carrier names WiMax device makers, further WiMax expansion plans, and a name for its TV-phone-wireless service.
Yardena Arar, PC World
Monday, March 26, 2007 01:00 PM PDT

ORLANDO, Florida--Sprint Nextel today expanded the roster of cities that will be wired for WiMax, the 4th-generation wireless telecom technology that it plans to launch commercially next year.

Sprint had previously named Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. as the first cities where it will offer pilot WiMax programs later this year. Sprint is working with Motorola, Samsung, and Nokia to develop additional WiMax markets in 2008. They are: Austin, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fort Worth, Grand Rapids, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Portland, Providence, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and Seattle.

WiMax Launch in 2008

Sprint says it expects its commercial WiMax launch to take place in April 2008; the company anticipates the service will be available to 100 million people by the end of 2008. WiMax is expected to deliver real-world bandwidth on the order of 2 to 4 megabits per second, compared to the 300 to 700 kilobits per second today's EVDO wireless service delivers.

February 15, 2007

I've noticed that life has been quite challenging for many people lately—especially for those of us on the fast lane who are doing our best to stay in touch with what's going on inside at a deep level. I "tuned in" and asked what it was all about, and here is the information I received:

"For the past five weeks, the influence of Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus have been strongly impacting this galaxy. These higher octave planets bring the energy of deep spiritual change and transformation. The challenge is this: our old ways must die in order to make room for the new to enter. And we humans don't change easily! Many of us are feeling this energy deeply, and it's "pressing our buttons" like crazy, bringing up TONS of old stuff for "review" and ultimately healing.

On the down side, you might experience the influx of this new energy as increased fatigue or disorientation, which may cause you to create "other dimensions" where you go in order to not feel all the old programming being churned up within you. In addition, you may experience an increase in feeling sick. Often when things feel to be "too much," we just break down and get sick, reflecting the hard time we are having dealing with it all.

On the positive side, we are being guided down a pathway of increased spiritual awareness and understanding of who we really are, at the deepest levels of our being. We may notice more flashes of intuition or increased feelings of "synchronicity"—experiences of being in the "right place at the right time." On the "down side," you may notice increased feelings of depression and searching for meaning in life... wondering what the purpose of your life is.

These planetary energies are trying to bring you a deeper sense of self and a new meaning to your life. Sometimes you have to go through the negative side of these issues in order to break through to the positive. In truth, it's all good. You are here to learn and grow, and this is a major growth opportunity, although it may be intense for you.

The Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus influences will continue to be felt strongly for the next 5 weeks (until approximately March 17, 2007), so hang in there, it may continue to be a bumpy ride! Of course, this is an excellent time to get extra clearing. Yes, your "stuff" is being stirred up for "review." Then, you will want to take action and call for a mini session (or a full-session mini if you haven't been doing regular work). You can also use the various tools I've created for you, to help yourself move through all this on your own, between sessions, (the Rapid Integration Technique at the end of Chapter 9 in "Prince Charming Lives," the Advanced Subconscious Clearing Technique on p. 27 of "Love Now, Here's How," and The Communications Breakthrough System). You really want to be willing to work on your "stuff" as it comes up during this time. This is how to take advantage of the opportunity for deep change that is upon us.

After March 17, 2007, we will all still be feeling some deep growth-producing energies from the influence of Neptune and Uranus, but the intensity brought on by Pluto will have passed. Things should lighten up to some degree. Both Neptune and Uranus together will continue to affect us for another 7 weeks (to May 12, 2007), after which only Uranus will be impacting us at such a deep level—for another 5 months... to October 15, 2007.

Don't worry if you don't understand astrology. The important part is to realize that we are all being impacted deeply, spiritually, and unconsciously at this time, so it can help you to be aware of what may be going on in your life. Even though the process is often unconscious, we still will experience changes within us and within our lives. I did receive the information that 85-90% of everyone on the planet is experiencing an affect from these "cosmic energies" at this time.

July 8, 2006

The "news" about what's going on, planetary-wide, that I've mentioned in previous entries is still happening. We are still under the influence of Earth passing through a photon belt, and it is still shaking people's stuff loose in a huge way. I believe the phenomenon will continue for another seven years and a few months. Here is what I'm seeing:

The things that have bothered you at a very deep level for a long time are now coming to the surface. It's as if you can no longer hide from them or stuff them down. To deal with these things means to grow, and it is as if you can no longer avoid such a "growth experience." Not all growth experiences are pleasant, but they eventually have a positive outcome, as we are willing to make certain changes in our life that we have been avoiding or afraid to make in the past.

Relationships are coming to a head for many people. Since we all are experiencing deep changes inside, there is a tendency to project whatever negativity or discomfort we're feeling onto those around us. This is a challenging time indeed, where the people around us wind up getting the brunt of our inner negativity projected onto them (and vice-versa). The lesson here is to look within to see what is going on, rather than to blame your partner or loved ones. ("Love Now, Here's How" would be excellent to help you with this process.) Without taking responsibility for what you are experiencing, relationships issues may seem impossible to surmount and people in long-term relationships may wind up going their separate ways.

Health issues may come to a head for many. Again, areas that you've been ignoring or avoiding in the past (eating well, taking supplements, exercising your body, quitting smoking, etc.) will surely "come up for review" at this time. It is time now, to do some truth-telling. How do you really want to live your life? Do you want to keep doing things the way you have been for so long? Or, do you want to make the changes you KNOW will help you to lead a better and healthier life. These kinds of choices are up for people in a big way now.

What is happening is this: The universe is "turning up the volume" on all that is not for your Highest spiritual good, forcing you to look deeper within and ultimately, to help you develop a greater trust in the spiritual nature of life. It is a time to wake up for those who have been spiritually asleep for a long time. And, it is time for those who have been "half-awake" and half-committed to their own well-being to wake up even further. Growth is upon us friends, and it can barely be avoided.

Some people might answer this call by "turning to the dark," often unconsciously. That is, they choose to drag their feet and avoid doing what it takes to keep themselves clear, in tune, and "in the Light." Because this process takes work and attention, some are not willing to do the work at this time. Thus, they may easily and unfortunately "slip into the dark," and allow negativity and pessimism to overtake them. You know who they are. You can do your best to support them in making different choices, but it is ultimately their decision as to which path they take.

On a positive note, once you get past the obstacles that have appeared in your life (that you have attracted to you because you are now READY to grow and become more of who you really are), there are tremendous opportunities for profound personal advancement. Some have reclaimed power over their bodies and are losing the weight that they have been trying to lose for years! Some have sadly left long-term relationships, only to find greater strength and self-reliance from within—qualities that had been suppressed in their former co-dependent relationships.

It is all good, folks.... it's just that running into all the obstacles and going through all the changes that abound at this time can be quite challenging indeed. We are being "forced" to change at a really deep level, whether we think we want to or not! This is a great time to be willing to work on yourself, to learn how to deal with your feelings and attitudes deep within. I have spent my life learning this process, and have done my best to streamline the process as much as possible—by offering various techniques you can do on yourself when things get rough (via my books and Communications Breakthrough System).

You really have a choice as to how far you advance during this period. The possibilities are limitless. I support you in moving swiftly and easily through all the barriers you encounter at this time and breaking through to the next level of consciousness.

May peace and Light prevail in your life!

Phyllis Light

August 23, 2005

About the "Intensity" People Are Experiencing....

I have seen so many people lately experiencing such a high level of intense emotions and circumstances, I decided to "tune in" and ask for more information about what's going on. My last two posts here do address this as well, but I wanted to get more information that could potentially help many people who are experiencing this now. Here it is:

Starting in June 2003, the earth started feeling the effects of passing through a photon belt. This is kind of a cosmic anomaly, but no accident in terms of the transformation that is upon us all. We are all being “forced” or “helped” to grow at this time… that is, we are unable to “say no.” It is part of the path that all of us human beings are on together, at this time. What is taking place energetically is that each of our individual energy fields, along with the energy field of the earth around us, is being "pushed upon" continually, almost like little fingers are poking at us constantly, all over our bodies, 24/7.

If there were really physical fingers poking at you constantly, 24/7, how would you feel? Bashed… interfered with…. unhappy, out of control, disturbed, jittery, interrupted, like you were being driven crazy… overwhelmed from the unwanted and unwelcome stimulation… you get the idea! So, these are the kinds of feelings and experiences that people are having at this time. Even though the “fingers poking you” are not physical fingers, this energy is real nonetheless, and the effects of this energy are extremely real.

I can’t tell you how many people have reported that this past year or year and a half, has been the most challenging one of their lives. When I tune in and ask how many people on earth are having more problems now because of this energy, I get 95%. So most people are dealing with the extra “burden” and intensity that this energy represents.

However, on the positive side, what we’re talking about here is a MAJOR MAJOR growth opportunity. That is, our “buttons” are “getting pressed” so much, that we are having to deal with a tremendous amount of negativity that is generally suppressed and out of our awareness. It is almost as if we are being collectively forced into a corner, made to feel awful, and the only “way out” is to begin to look at ourselves, tell the truth about what’s going on inside, and start to consciously get on the path of healing and transformation— in order to come to a place of peace inside.

Thus, many, many people are beginning to wake up now who were very asleep before. This is good. For the rest of us, already awake and working on ourselves, it’s still a major growth opportunity, since our stuff is coming up BIG TIME for review, and we get an opportunity to look at ourselves and continually do a deeper level of clearing and healing. The going can get tough at times… we can feel totally overwhelmed and wish we could “get out of here” or feel like “we can’t take it anymore.” These are our old programs coming up for review. Don’t take this stuff personally or reinforce it in your mind.

Call for a mini-session, work with the techniques in my books, use the Communications Breakthrough System…. whatever you need to do to feel better. Take a few minutes a day and simply FEEL what’s going on inside you, without judgment. The more you do this, the more the feelings will subside and not feel overwhelming to you.

Do something other than wallowing in the feelings, as they are simply based on old programming that is surfacing from your subconscious mind. You need to have perspective at this time. What’s up for us all is to learn to relax and flow with the changes life brings, and trust that the universe is a safe and loving place, regardless of what appears to be happening within us and around us.

We are preparing to move into a higher age of Light in approximately 50 to 51 years, and all that we are going through now is part of that process. We will be passing through this photon belt energy for another eight years, so ultimately we either surrender to being at peace, no matter what is going on in our life, or we crack… take your pick.

Having this information and understanding can only help during these challenging, yet potentially growth-filled times. When you’re experiencing “going crazy” and feeling overwhelmed to the point of “I can’t take this anymore,” and think you’re all alone… it feels quite hopeless. When you realize what’s really taking place, you can step back and see it for what it is, and not take your thoughts and feelings so personally, remembering that all of us are in the same boat!

It is time to open to more love, more compassion and understanding for others and for yourself. It is all good, in spite of what you may think and feel. Take heart, have faith, and work on yourself as much as you can. And remember, all the work you do on yourself always pays off.

Many blessings.


March 2, 2005


Some say we’re experiencing an unusual cosmic phenomenon in that Earth is passing through a rare photon belt. Great seers have predicted that Kali Yuga, “The Age of Darkness” is coming to a close, after having been upon us for thousands of years. Whatever the cause, we are, indeed, in the midst of enormous change at the deepest levels of our being.

How are we experiencing this change? For many of us, the issues we have wrestled with for so long are right here, in front of our face, demanding that we deal with them head on. We no longer are able to “escape our demons.” They are yelling at us, trying to control us again, from the shadowy recesses of our minds.

“I’m tired of this,” you may be feeling. Or even, “I can’t take this any longer.” Have you expressed this sentiment recently? Many have! What is it you can’t take any longer? Feeling like life is too hard? Feeling totally overwhelmed by this third dimensional world? Feeling like people take from you but don’t want to give back to you in return? Feeling like you have to get out of this place once and for all?

Wherever you may be feeling pushed to the edge is the very place that needs deep transformation at this time. Here is where you need to “pop through” to the other side. What is required here is essentially a deep change of your world view and how you perceive life, at the deepest levels.

In experiencing this great change, it is as if we are all in a “snow globe”—the paperweight with a miniature city inside, that once shaken, surrounds the city in snow. We are in this “snow globe” now, and it is being shaken big time. As a result, there is nothing to hold on to. Nothing that really brings us security. Nothing in the material world we can fix ourselves to, to give us a sense of peace in an ever-changing reality.

Our tendency is to try to cling to our old ways, to grab at the things we have known and loved (even our negative programming!) in order to maintain a sense of security and control. The challenge is this: We cannot be secure and in control in the old ways anymore. The old ways are no longer working for us. It is time to transform the old and re-create a new world view, which encompasses surrendering control to a Higher Power, to accept that there is something greater than our little selves running the show.

As we let go and let God (or Spirit, the Universe, our Higher Self.. whatever name you choose to use), we get more grounded in a truer reality, once based on love, forgiveness, and compassion. It becomes easier to be in this material world, dealing with all that it entails. We no longer give our power over to the third dimensional world. We no longer allow the pressures of the third dimensional world to overwhelm and overcome us.

We are grounded in a Higher truth; we are in alignment with our Highest Spiritual Self and purpose. We act from a place of being centered and grounded in that Higher reality, and thus we can stay calm and peaceful in the presence of anything that shows up in our world. From this place, we deal with life, yet we don’t let life upset or anger us. We are able to stay in the “eye,” no matter what storm is upon us.

You may feel ruffled right now. You may feel out of control. You may just want to “get the hell out of here” and be building a reality around that. Some of you may even find yourselves getting sick. It’s as if the old structure has to break down to make room for the new, so your illness is showing you that this great change is indeed upon you.

Trust that this is an incredible time to “break through” to a Higher reality and start to live life in a different way. Know that this is a time to let go of old negative programming that has acted like a security blanket for you up until now. You are ready to feel secure being the spiritual being that you are, and identify yourself in a new way. It is all good.

Do your best to flow with the changes that are upon you. Do extra clearing to handle the “inner demons” and negative programs as they arise, trying to convince you to hold onto the old ways. It is time to let go, period… end of story. What you need to deal with is your resistance to change, as it comes up. Certainly, my “Telepathic Healing” work is a wonderful way to help you move through the resistance and choose to subscribe to a Higher reality. Do all that you can to feel safe in rising to the new you and dealing with the change that is upon you.

January 21-24, 2005


I have felt that life has become particularly intense energetically, and I was recently given some helpful information by my guides to explain what’s going on. It seems like we’re in the middle of a "battle between Light and Dark." Those who are very sensitive are probably feeling this intensity more than others. I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or extra-stressed at this time.

“For the past 7 months, 'dark forces' have been sending energy to Earth to fill people with apathy. On a certain level, they are wanting to take over. They have been trying to 'suck the will body' of everyone with Light, in order to diminish the amount of Light on the planet. You may be noticing it’s harder to wake up in the morning, or simply harder to get things done."

I was also informed that they are tampering with our Sun, to agitate us and interfere with our normal functioning. This has created more fear, along with a higher level of discontentment. (Notice if you have been blaming anyone in particular lately, as the “source” of your ill feelings. When we feel bad, we tend to take it out on those around us!).

This tampering has been going on for the past three weeks, and it’s really throwing us off energetically in a big way. It’s making us feel helpless, powerless, out of control, tired, and apathetic… like we don’t want to do anything.

Also, "something dark” has had a hold of “the heart chakra” of our planet for the past 3 weeks. I called on my “Higher Ups” and asked for a major intervention and healing for us all. I was told I need to keep asking for such an intervention every couple of weeks.


Basically, 1) Clear your stuff, 2) Bring in more Light, 3) Be easy on yourself, and 4) Pray for more Light, Love, and Healing for the planet.

More explanation:

  1. “Clear your stuff” means being willing to let go of the places inside that cause you to feel overwhelmed, anxious, fearful or apathetic. On a certain level, our “buttons” are getting “pressed” big time, and we are being provided with a major growth opportunity. The more you clear, the clearer you become in your consciousness, and the more easily you can rise above the woes of the third dimensional world. Although something is going on “out there,” all we can really do is handle “in here,” inside of us… and clear any blockages within our subconscious mind that keep us from feeling at peace. My various types of "Telepathic Healing" sessions focus on helping you with this process.

  2. “Bring in more Light” means practice any techniques you know for raising your Level of Light and increasing your connection with your spiritual nature. This could be through meditation, reading inspiring books, being a source of upliftment to others when you interact with them, or again, by taking advantage of the “Telepathic Healing” services I offer. The idea is to do your best to stay uplifted, rather than succumb to the negative energy you may be experiencing.

  3. "Be easy on yourself" means don't make yourself wrong for what you're experiencing. We often beat ourselves up for what we're feeling because we think we "shouldn't be feeling this way"... or we "should be doing better than this." Beating up on yourself only adds more negativity to the pot, and what we need is more positivity, compassion, and love. So, do your best to love yourself, no matter what you're experiencing. Cut yourself some slack during this intense time. Let go of "shoulding" on yourself. Treat yourself the way a best friend would. Do things that are loving and nurturing to your mind, body, and spirit.

  4. “Pray for more Light, Love, and Healing for the Planet” means just that. I’m sure that the more people who do this, the more help we’ll all get from Higher unseen realms. Praying for help for the planet always feels better than sitting around complaining about the negativity we may be experiencing on a personal level. The energy we put out fills our world. Prayerful thoughts and feelings are always of value!

November 13, 2004

I just made a major discovery that will lead to tremendous healing for all of us, and I wanted to share it with you.

For the past year, I have been feeling particularly tired and worn out.  All I could do was to keep clearing the negative programming creating my experience which, of course, has helped make me stronger and clearer in my consciousness. Yet, the fatigue has continued as an undercurrent throughout the entire time. I also have noticed that my cats have had more problems than usual over the past year. They've looked and acted more "sickly", even though I've been working on them consistently. I figured they were just going through "major stuff" or maybe mirroring my stuff and kept issuing clearing and healing for them.

During the past two weeks, it all came to a head when I started seeing major cracks and crevices on my tongue, and wondered what the heck was going on. I began working on myself to heal the organs represented by the various cracks. (In Chinese medicine, the tongue is reflective of the entire body, and when problems appear on the tongue, it can give a skilled practitioner a major clue as to what's "off" in the body. When the tongue is having problems, it usually indicates more long-term challenges in the body, rather than something that just recently started.)

My tongue got so bad that I had to step back and take a hard look at what was going on. And here is the result of that research:

It turns out my 85% of my etheric body was "spinning negative".  Whenever something in the body spins negative, this has a weakening effect. Ideally, you want all systems, organs, and energies to have a positive spin.  I checked my assistant (who also has been having some additional health challenges lately) and 75% of her etheric body was spinning negative. I proceeded to check a few others and found that 70 to 90% of everyone's etheric body was spinning negative.  I then checked my cats and both of their etheric bodies were spinning virtually 100% negative! There is no way that the physical body can be doing well if the etheric body, the blueprint for the physical, is doing badly (i.e., spinning negative)!

I then checked the etheric body around the entire planet and found that 93% of it was spinning negative! Obviously, our subtle energy field is directly linked to Earth's subtle energy field! I then asked why this was happening. I got that it is the result of our closeness (in space) to some kind of "black hole-like thing". I asked if this problem could be corrected. "Yes, within 3 weeks."

I was told to ask for a major shield around the planet to keep out the negative influence from this "thing", and to then ask for the spin of the planet's energy field to be normalized. I also got permission to put a special shield in the Personal and Pet Rejuvenizers to temporarily separate us from the Earth's energy field until it normalized and to change the spin in everyone's etheric body back to positive. The Earth will take 3 weeks to heal, whereas each individual (with a Rejuvenizer) will take one week to normalize. 

It also came to me that this would be an excellent time to practice spiritual techniques that bring in Higher energies from above the crown charka.that this will boost the weakened etheric body at this time. Interestingly enough, I had been thinking about teaching my €œAwakening Your Soul€ workshop in the near future, which contains a number of invaluable spiritualizing techniques in it!! (For those of you who have taken it in the past, get out your notebooks and start practicing some of those techniques!!)

[If anyone is interested in my "Awakening Your Soul" Workshop, please let me know. I feel like it would be ideal to present it some time within the next 3 months, perhaps toward the end of February, in Austin.]

I then asked, "When did this start, and how long have I been feeling it?"

The answer:  This started 15 months ago (that would be July to August, 2003). You've been feeling the effects since last October 2003. (No wonder I felt "fried" by spring of 2004 and had to stop working for a month!!)

Curious, I asked how long this phenomenon would continue. They said five years! (So, if I hadn't have been able to shield us all, the negative effects would have continued for another five years!!!! I think my tongue would have fallen out of my head!!! ha ha)

I asked, "How has this been affecting people? What have they been experiencing?"

The answer:  During this time, people have been experiencing: 1) Needing more sleep, 2) Dragging a lot during the day, 3) Not enjoying themselves as much as they used to (i.e., things seem less enjoyable than they once were), 4) More problematic things with the body than normal (more headaches, pain, tooth problems, etc.), 5) More irritation and irritability than normal.

Wowie, huh?!!! I can't tell you how excited I am to have figured this out!!! I am looking forward to many improvements for myself and for all of us as a result of this!!!

In truth, whenever such adversity strikes, it's important to keep clearing whatever our personal "programs" and issues are, for that is how we each grow and evolve. So, although this cosmic event has affected everyone of us, we still need to take responsibility for all that we've personally experienced this past year.  On the Highest level, none of what we experience is an "accident".  It is all here to help us learn, grow, and develop ourselves spiritually.

Thank you all for your desire to grow and move forward in your life and in your consciousness. That I may continue to serve you in the Highest way for all concerned.

Phyllis Light

March 14, 2003
Another "Frequency Upgrade" for Us All

Four weeks ago, on Monday, February 17th, a new energy was sent to us, designed to uplift us all and raise us to a higher vibrational level. This is basically "a gift from God" –”to help us grow and evolve more quickly. It has raised us to a higher level of light, which does two things:

  1. short-term, it pushes stress out of you, possibly making you feel a little disorganized and disharmonious, like you're being forced to stretch beyond your current boundaries, and...
  2. ultimately gets you to a higher, clearer, more loving and harmonious place, within your being.

Long-term, it's wonderful. Short-term, it could be bumpy for many who have not yet awakened to their spiritual path or are resisting change in some way. This might be a time when friends and loved ones finally say "yes" to working on themselves and to seeking support in that process. In other words, this might be a "wake-up call" for many.

My advice to you for the moment, based on what I've seen and experienced with a number of people is: Do your best not to buy into the fear that's in the collective. Any time we act based on fear, we're not remaining open to our "Highest Good." Keep reminding yourself that all is well in YOUR world, regardless of what others are experiencing in theirs. If you buy into the fear that's in the collective (and there is a lot of it these days), you are adding more fear to the pot. If you calm yourself and do your best to create peace and harmony within your own being, you are contributing to the peace and harmony of the world. (For more information on these "frequency upgrades," see "What's New" on May 23, 2000 and June 19, 2001, when similar upgrades were also given.)


November 26, 2002

The other day I was driving and got a message from my guides that there is some new satellite system in place that is negatively impacting our etheric bodies in a significant way. Since the etheric body is the blueprint for the physical body, this can only mean further stress and strain on everyone's physical body. We will probably be seeing an increase in immune system disorders (since the immune system is usually the first to break down from exposure to EMF's and other damaging frequencies) and maybe even other "new" physical problems. My guides also told me that if I added 640 new functions to the Personal Rejuvenizer, all Rejuvenizer owners would be protected from the harmful new energies. ( I sure am glad I can do this :-)


February 13, 2002
A New "Cosmic Message" about a Gift for Us All

I just received a message from my "Higher Ups" (spiritual guides) that on February 22, 2002, there will be a new higher energy coming into all of our subtle pineal glands. This will give us the opportunity to have broader vision, more multi-dimensional perceptions, greater spiritual knowledge and awareness of the true nature of life. This is a true gift and blessing and obviously a part of the "Divine Plan" unfolding, to help us all grow and evolve spiritually.

Obviously this is good. But what I do know is that in order to create space for something more positive within us, a "purging of old negativity" has to happen. This may happen very subtly for many of you, where you hardly notice the "dumping" that will take place. Others of you may have very strong dreams or other noticeable manifestations of the changes taking place. Feel free to write and let me know what you experience on or after the 22nd, in regards to this event. Many blessings.

June 19, 2001
A Frequency "Upgrade" for All of Us

I recently got one of my "cosmic messages" – that God was about to do an "energetic upgrade" for us all... that we would all be receiving a raise in our frequency or vibrational rate. I was informed of this once before (see previous message below, from May 23, 2000). This shift in our vibration will occur this Thursday, June 21, 2001 from between 12 and 12:20 PM, central time (for all of you who would like to tune in and track it).

This is a very wonderful thing... a gift from God, that those of us on the spiritual path welcome with open arms. One challenge, however, is that it may create some tumultuous feelings and circumstances for people, as they are "forced" to rise to a higher vibration where they are not yet comfortable. I was told that such difficulties may arise starting 3-4 days after the change in energy takes place and could continue for up to 11-12 months afterwards. In the end, people will have sorted out all their challenges in dealing with the higher vibration within 11-12 months.

It sounds like it's going to be a big one, which is wonderful. Hopefully in being aware of this, it will bring some understanding and relief to all that you may experience during these times. As I mentioned in my "May 2000" message, this is an opportune time to take advantage of the clearing work that I do, to help you move as quickly and easily as possible through all the changes taking place within you. Many blessings to you all.

April 2, 2001
Major Discovery Regarding Computers

As you may know, I do frequent upgrades to the Rejuvenizers when I become aware of additional needs for protection and healing. Over the past couple of weeks during daily "computer marathons" I've been doing, I have become aware of something going on in my head that wasn't quite right, When I asked what the problem was, I discovered that my pineal gland was dysfunctioning due to the way the light and energy of the computer was striking it, through the eyes.

It had actually been slowly dysfunctioning over time for the past five years, since I first started using computers extensively in my work. I had no idea! I started taking two brain supplements daily four years ago and simply attributed it to "over-using my brain" in my work as a psychic. It turns out that it was actually the pineal gland going downhill that caused me to require the extra brain supplementation. It apparently was so subtle, that it is only now, five years later, that I have become aware of the problem.

My guides assured me that we could add a number of new functions to the Personal Rejuvenizer (and to the Indoor Rejuvenizers) to prevent this problem from ever happening again and to heal the pineal gland over time, restoring it to its normal functioning. What a relief!!! This is SOOO major... I just wanted you all to know about it.

By the way, if anyone has a "list" of what the pineal gland does, feel free to send it to me and I'll post it for all to see. I do know that it is called the "master gland" and is enormously important to health and well-being. I just can't tell you specifically what it does. It may be interesting to see if you have noticed particular problems, based on what it does.

I did tune into one client who has wrestled with depression for a long time, who also sits in front of the computer daily (and possibly nightly!!).. and got that about 40% of his depression is directly related to the dysfunctioning of the pineal gland. All of you with Rejuvenizers will be experiencing the benefits of this latest discovery! Please tell your friends and loved ones about Rejuvenizers, particularly those who spend a lot of time at their computers.

One last thing: I am working on a Powerpoint presentation (that's a "slide show that you can play on your computer") about the Rejuvenizers and expect it to be complete in about a month. This will be something you can share with friends and loved ones to help explain the value of Rejuvenizers. I'm very excited about it (now you know why the "computer marathons"...) and am looking forward to making it available to anyone who wants a copy. We'll try to set it up that you can download it from my site. I'll let you know the details later. Many blessings.....

P.S. ApriI 3

I want to thank everyone for sending in information about the pineal gland. I will post someone's summarized version for all to see:

The pineal gland is a master gland in that the hormones it produces affects other glands and our complicated and subtle hormone balance. As far as is known at present, melatonin is the most important hormone produced by the pineal gland. However, it also produces other melatonin-like substances, which may, at some point, prove to be equally as important.

Melatonin production is inhibited by light. Melatonin, and thus the pineal gland, is concerned with:

  • Slowing down the aging process and thus also with longevity,
  • Protecting brain cells against free radical attack and thus against degeneration, preserving brain function into old age,
  • Immune function,
  • Protection against carcinogens,
  • Restful and sufficient sleep.

No wonder I've been taking extra brain pills for so long!!!! Rejuvenizer owners: Enjoy the healing!!!

Jan. 18, 2001

New technology makes life easier, faster, more convenient. Yet, the energetic abuse we are all experiencing is enormous. During the past few weeks, I introduced three new "high-tech" energies to my life (and to my body!!).

I had a satellite dish installed on my roof to be able to get TV channels that might be more interesting to watch than just the network channels; I had the cable high-speed modem hooked up to my computer to have faster internet access; and I found myself in a rental car that had a GPS ("Global Positioning Satellite" System), so that the car's location is always known, via satellite.

With all of these high-tech "improvements," I discovered that I needed to add a total of 143 new healing and protective functions to the Personal Rejuvenizer to repair all damage that was done to my physical and subtle bodies, and protect them from any further damage. I couldn't believe how powerful and detrimental these new energies were. And people are exposed to this kind of thing ALL THE TIME!!! I also had to do a major upgrade to the Car Rejuvenizer and to the Indoor Rejuvenizers, to be able to deal with and protect a person from these new frequencies.

How many people sit in front of a computer for at least several hours a day, talk on their cell phone for hours, watch TV for awhile, and basically live in a country where there are all kinds of satellite frequencies, radio and TV frequencies, frequencies from cell phone and other microwave towers hitting them all the time? MOST OF US!! I tell you this so that you can be aware, and take measures to protect yourself.

Several months ago, I had a client from Germany ask me: "Why do you think so many Germans have come down with allergies in this past year?... It's seems so widespread, I just can't understand it." I had an intuitive flash that I shared with her: "Satellites." That was the word that came to my mind.

She was shocked at my answer and replied: "I can't believe you said that, because in this past year, nearly every German family has put a satellite dish on their house!!" You see, all the incoming satellite frequencies hit a person's subtle energy field, the one that surrounds the physical body. The subtle energy field is actually the blueprint for the physical body, and as the subtle energy becomes weakened and damaged by the various frequencies (from satellites, cell phones, etc.) there is a corresponding weakening of the physical body, and the immune system is one of the first places where this manifests.

Microwave ovens: they make our lives easier and faster, but at what cost? According to my research, microwave ovens change the subatomic structure of food, making it, in part, extremely difficult for the body to handle. There is a whole generation of babies that have been raised on formula heated in the microwave, which puts tremendous stress on the immune system and hampers the baby's ability to create a strong, healthy body.

How many children do you know who have allergies and immune system problems at an unusually young age? Have you noticed how many more are sick now, than before the advent of the microwave? If a child is taking in food that is stressing his young body as it's trying to grow and develop, what shape is his body going to be in by the time he is an adult? It's a little scary. (Plus, put that child in front of a computer at age 5 or 6, and let his body try and deal with THAT energy for the rest of his life.)

The Personal Rejuvenizer and Circuit Rejuvenizers are designed to help offset the problems created by cooking food in the microwave, by re-instating the life force of the food and helping the body to normalize and repair itself from any previous damage it has sustained. I say: Enjoy your technology! Just take the necessary precautions so that you don't have to experience the "downside" of life in a high-tech world.

You can protect yourself with Rejuvenizers. For a relatively SMALL amount of money (far less than the cost of a new computer system!!), you can help yourself be as healthy as possible in a world that continually challenges your body and immune system. I can't begin to express how important this protection is and how concerned I am for the people of our world who are not aware, for the most part, that a problem even exists. Please, help others to be aware!

PS January 19, 2001

Last night, I awakened in the middle of the night with a headache, and my first thought was that something was coming through my new high-speed cable line (which, by the way, you leave on all the time!). We had just gotten it installed two days before. I "tuned in" and found that It was true. And, as a result, I needed to add 30 new healing and protective functions to both the Indoor Rejuvenizers and to the Personal Rejuvenizer, in order to overcome the disruptive effect of the new frequencies.

While I was awake, I did more research and found that any high-speed internet line coming into one's home or business also produces extra disruptive frequencies, (e.g., DSL and ISDN lines) and I had to do upgrades to all the Rejuvenizers to handle these frequencies, in addition to ones coming through the cable line.

How in the world is your "average Joe" supposed to handle all of this stuff? How on earth can we all enjoy good health, when all of these energies continue to bombard us more and more over time??? I am boggled at how I have to "stay on top of it" and keep upgrading the Rejuvenizers to handle all the latest technology. My main focus, actually, is helping people to grow spiritually. Yet, with all the negative energies hitting us, it's becoming increasingly important to support people in having healthy bodies. Without a healthy body, it's hard to even think about your personal and spiritual growth!!!!

Helpful Hint
July 6, 2000

According to my research, looking continuously at the computer screen actually causes the pituitary gland to dysfunction, over time, due to the image on the screen constantly refreshing itself . (You can see this happening when a computer screen is filmed or videotaped.. how it is actually flashing all the time, even though it LOOKS like a solid, continuous image). I have added healing functions to the Personal Rejuvenizer, to help heal and normalize this condition and protect you from further problems, however, without this device, here's what I suggest: Instead of staring at the screen constantly, as we tend to do, since it is very hypnotic, practice looking away during the times when you don't need to be watching it, e.g., while it's booting up, when you're downloading something that takes a little time, etc. In other words, TAKE EYE BREAKS as much as possible, when you can, so that the constant refreshing action of the screen isn't as detrimental.

Previous News Off the Cosmic Press
May 23, 2000

"In 2 days (that will be Thursday, May 25th), there will be a new energy coming through that will have an uplifting effect on people, which will also speed up the vibratory rate of every human being on the planet."

In case you're wondering what this means exactly, I'll share my thoughts on it. First, it's great news. It's a true spiritual blessing! It can only be a good thing. Second, sometimes, when you find yourself vibrating at a higher rate (this can happen when you spend time with a master, do a lot of meditation, or participate in other healing or spiritual practices), it can kick off a "healing crisis" of sorts. That is, any resistance you have to "rising higher", getting clearer and freer, can "come up for review" and might make you feel a little crazy, or kaflooey for a period of time. The better you are at flowing with life, the easier it will probably be for you to adapt to the changes that apparently will be taking place. The more you find yourself wanting to control things and having an investment in things staying exactly the way they are (even if this is subconsciously), the more resistance you may encounter when this new energy comes through. The key is to surrender and to be willing to change!

For all my clients, you know the ropes, feel free to call for a mini-session if you need some extra support during or after this time. For the rest of you, you might want to check into the work I do, which involves clearing such resistance, removing old barriers and negative programs which hold us back and keep us from being all that we are, on the highest spiritual levels.

Oh, I just got a "flash".... some of you might not notice this "disrupting" or "unstressing" effect for several weeks. In other words, it won't be apparent.."Gee, I suddenly started vibrating at a higher level" but more like after a few weeks, you may start feeling a little chaotic, out of kilter, or feel like things are piling up and not getting handled. This will be due to some resistance that has been building over the several week period. Remember, there IS help available if you need it!

Words of Wisdom

by Phyllis Light

We are all wizards in our own right, powerful Beings who are capable of directing our creative energy in an infinite variety of ways. It is important that we take this task of using our creative energy wisely. If you are not consciously focusing on the good that you want to create in your life, you may be inadvertently letting your UNCONSCIOUS energy run the show, and allowing your infinitely creative thoughts to attract unwanted people and circumstances to you.

Watch your thoughts. Watch your words. Do your best to keep your mind focused on positive thoughts and a knowingness that you CAN win, no matter what your current reality seems to indicate. By focusing on the positive, you are setting up an INTENTION TO WIN, and it is the power of this intention - regardless of whatever negative circumstances may surround you in any moment - that will lift you up and allow you to soar beyond the place where most people lose faith and create limitations for themselves.


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