Indoor Rejuvenizer® (comes in a set of four)

Create a lighter, more peaceful and harmonious environment in your home, or at work, with a set of Indoor Rejuvenizers®. They create a positive, life-supporting energy field within any size house or building up to 5000 square feet, reaching upward three floors.

First and foremost, the Indoor Rejuvenizers protect your home or workplace from the constant bombardment of negative electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other life-damaging frequencies—from computers, wireless internet (WiFi), cell phone and microwave transmissions, overhead TV, radio and GPS satellite broadcasts, and all electric and electronic appliances and equipment you may have within your space. 

By neutralizing these life-draining energies that bombard your home or work environments constantly, your space feels better, more enlivening, and inspires you to be more productive, as well as happier.  We live and work in energetically depleted and deadened environments. It is nearly impossible for people to thrive and be well because of this.  The Indoor Rejuvenizers will essentially enhance the quality of your life—both at home and at work—freeing you to do your best and be as happy and healthy as possible.

In addition, the Indoor Rejuvenizers rid the space of any negativity from unwanted energies or entities that entered from other dimensions, as well as any negativity generated by previous occupants of that room or space. With the Indoor Rejuvenizers®, your home and office will feel as good, energetically pleasing, and uplifting as possible. They are perfect companions for stuffy conference and meeting rooms, as well as a must for travelers, who want to sleep in a peaceful, stress-free environment while away from home.

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